Chapter 7: Skeletal System

This chapter gives an overview of how bone tissue is constructed as well as the names and locations of bones within the human body.


Notes: Skeletal System | Lecture Slides

Bone Matrix Coloring

Anatomy of a Bone Coloring

Aging of the Hand Coloring


Label the Skeleton | Label theSkull | Label the Carpals and Tarsals


Webquest: The Mystery of the Bones (2 day Project)

Web Lesson: Medical Imaging


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 Any Bones Episode


Study Guide - Skeletal System


Practice Quizzes: Skeletal System | Carpals | Long Bone Anatomy | Skull

Skeleton Lab with Lab Practical

*Examine a disarticulated skeleton (male and female), identify each bone and specific structures on each bone and conclude the unit with a Lab Practical Test


Lab Guide of the Skeletal System (pdf)- checklist of all bones


Lab Practical (practice) | Another Lab Practical (Practice)


Practice Quizzes: Skull | Skull_2 | Femur | Humerus | Lower Leg


Mrs. Muskopf's Human Bones Photo Album - photos of all the bones, with labels


Other Resources

Bone Printables - print and use as flashcards for learning the parts of each bone
Skeletal System at U of Minnesota - self quizzes on each major bone of the body  


Get Body Smart - all the bones of the body, each has specific parts labeled with self-quizzes. This is a very comprehensive guide and is better used as a tutorial for each body section. This is a good resource if you really feel that you don't know a section of the skeleton.


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