Animal Diversity Web -


Part A: Click on "Mammals"

1. What three characteristics do mammals have that no other animals has?

2. Name three functions of mammalian hair:

3. (Physical Description)

Mammals are characterized by their highly differentiated ___________________.
The lower jaw of a mammal is made of a _____________________ bone.
Mammals have __________ chambered hearts.

4. (Development) What are the three major groups of mammals?


5.(Reproduction) What percentage of mammals are monogamous? What does it mean to be monogamous? ________________________________________________

6. (Communication and Perception) Describe one way that mammals communicate with each other.

Part B: Click on Members of this Class at the top of the page. You will be investigating a few major groups of mammals. Pick a subclass or order and fill out the table based on the information listed on the site. Note that the page has reference icons to help you.

icon Information / Pictures / Specimens / Sounds

Order, Suborder or Infraclass Family Types of Animals Interesting Fact, or What makes this group distinct? Habitat