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alka seltzer

Any effeversent tablet will work for this experiment, you can even use denture cleaners, or fizzy tablets.

The Scientific  Method  - Plop Plop  Fizz Fizz

In this lab, you will develop and test a hypothesis, analyze data and draw conclusions.
You are given guidance at each step of the way.  Fill out this form completely - do not skip steps!

Step 1:  Question or Observation

Question:   What factors will make an alka-seltzer tablet dissolve faster

Variables to test: 
.....Tap water,  Warm water,  Cold water,  Salt Water,  Acidic water (using vinegar)

Of the variables above, which should serve as your CONTROL group?  __________

In this experiment, the independent variable is the type of water (warm, salt..etc). 
What is the responding variable, or the thing you will be measuring? _________________

Step 2:  Develop a hypothesis.  Finish this statement…

Alka seltzer will dissolve fastest in ______________ water, and the slowest in _________ water.

Step 3:  Design and Conduct and Experiment

Answer these questions regarding your experimental design:

A)  Will you use a whole tablet or a half a tablet of alka seltzer?   _______________
B)  How will you measure how quickly it dissolves?   _______________________________
C)  How much water will you place in your beakers?  ______________________________
Will this amount be the same in all of your tests?  _______________
D)  What safety precautions should you take? ______________________________________

Step 4:  Create a table to record your results.

Type of Water Dissolve Time

Step 5:   Draw Conclusions

– in a complete sentence, answer your experimental question by summarizing the data