Virtual Field Trip to the San Diego Zoo

1.Find the link to the cams in the top right corner. What animal cams are available for you to view?

Choose one of the animal cams. In detail, describe the habitat and the animal's behavior within it. If your animal is not cooperating, try a different cam or come back to this step later.





2. Go to the Animals and Plants link at the top of the page to find some interesting information about various animals.

a. List the seven types of big cats that have spots.


b. For each animal, what word describes a group of them?
Lizards ______________________________ Geese ______________________________
Grasshoppers ________________________ Frogs ______________________________
Porcupines ______________________________ Apes ______________________________
Ferrets ______________________________Porpoises ______________________________

c. Find out what the following names mean - what an animal eats.

Carnivore ______________________________ Mucivore ______________________________
Sanguinivore ______________________________ Frugivore ______________________________

d. Go to the mammal section of animal bytes to find the answers. Don't just rush through either, take some time to look at the picture and browse the information.

_______________________________What family are all dolphins in?
_______________________________What name did the Incas give the mountain lion?
_______________________________What do echidnas eat?
_______________________________ How many babies does a Tasmanian devil have at first?
_______________________________ Where do sun bears like to make their homes?
_______________________________ What is a polar bear's favorite food?
_______________________________ What does the word "hippopotamus" mean?
_______________________________ The head male and female wolves of a pack are called what?
_______________________________ What type of monkey has a cheek pouch?
_______________________________ What was the name of the zoo's orangutan escape artist?
_______________________________ What is an okapi related to?
_______________________________ What do giant pandas eat?
_______________________________ What is the main mode of movement for a siamang?
_______________________________ How are leopards different from other large cats?
_______________________________ What do you look at to tell the difference between a seal and sea lion?

3. Go to the "kids" link. There are many things to do in this section, like games, doodling and coloring. Find something to do that interests you. Play the Safari Park Adventure or the Elephant Odyssey.

What did you do? What did you like (or not like) about this activity?





4. Visit other Zoos and compare their sites to the San Diego Zoo Website. Give each of them a grade (A, B, C, D, F) based on factors such as: navigation, finding information about animals, quality of pictures, activities and interesting things to do. Use Google to find each of the following city zoo sites and grade them. You don't need to spend a long time at each site, just enough to get an idea of how good of a job the zoo did with their virtual version.


Saint Louis Zoo

Pittsburgh Zoo  
Denver Zoo  
Miami Zoo  
Cincinnati Zoo  
Oklahoma City Zoo