Waterweed Simulator

*Unfortunately, this simulation was made with flash, and is no longer supported by modern web browswers.

Check out these photosythesis simulation alternatives:

Photosynthesis Virtual Lab: Adjust the light color and type of seed to determine how plants respond to light at different wavelengths. McGraw Hill Simulation

Cell Energy by Biology Simulations - Oxygen levels are monitored in an aquatic environment to measure oxygen production and consumption, adjust the number of plants, fish, light intensity and temperature

Photosynthesis Virtual Lab - Go-Lab where you can adjust light intensity and temperature. Measure the number of bubbles as a way to determine rate of photosynthesis. This HTML5 version is similar to the original Waterweed Simulator.

Photosynthesis Virtual Lab - Adjust the light intensity, distance from the light source, and the color of the light. Watch bubbles form from the sample and measure the number of bubbles per minute.

Effects of Carbon Dioxide and Light on Photosynthesis - Adjust the CO2 concentration and the light intensity, measure trhe bubbles produced. (Subscription required to complete the lab.)