21st Century Problems - Group Discussion

Consider the following topics and work as a group to answer the topic questions. Be prepared to share!


  1. Climate Change:
    • How can individuals contribute to combating climate change in their daily lives?
    • What policies should governments prioritize to address environmental concerns?

  2. Global Health Pandemics:
    • How can countries better prepare for future health crises following the COVID-19 pandemic?
    • What are the ethical considerations in distributing vaccines and medical resources during a global health emergency?

  3. Social Justice and Human Rights:
    • How can we foster greater equality and respect for human rights globally?
    • What role does education play in promoting tolerance and understanding among diverse communities?

  4. Economic Inequality:
    • What measures can be taken to bridge the gap between wealthy and impoverished nations?
    • How can we address income inequality within countries to ensure a more equitable society?

  5. Technology and Ethics:
    • What ethical guidelines should govern the development and use of emerging technologies like AI and biotechnology?
    • How can we ensure digital privacy and security in an increasingly connected world?

  6. Migration and Refugees:
    • How can countries create more effective and humane immigration policies?
    • What responsibilities do nations have in assisting refugees and displaced populations?

  7. Global Governance and Cooperation:
    • What challenges exist in achieving global cooperation on issues like climate change, security, and trade?
    • How can international organizations and alliances be strengthened to address global challenges more effectively?

  8. Cultural Preservation and Diversity:
    • How can we preserve cultural heritage while embracing globalization?
    • What are the benefits and challenges of cultural diversity in a globalized world?

  9. Education and Access to Resources:
    • How can access to quality education and resources be improved in underserved regions globally?
    • What role does education play in addressing global challenges and fostering sustainable development?