Fluorescence of Chlorophyll


You can separate chlorophyll from a spinach leaf by adding 95% ethanol and crushing it with a mortar and pestle. Filter the mixture to reveal a solution that is bright green in color but will fluoresce bright red under a black light.

Quick Instructions

1. Tear or cut spinach leaves into tiny pieces.
2. Cover the leaves with 95% ethanol.
3. Crush the leaves with a mortar and pestle (or use a plastic bag to crush the mixture)
4. Use filter paper of a coffee filter to solution into a clear glass container.
5. In normal light, the solution appears bright green, under a black light it will appear red.

Explanation: Normally electrons excited by light enter the electron transport chain with the membrane of the thylakoid, without the electron transport chain, the electrons release their energy in the form of red light.