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Scientific Method and Characteristics of Life Crossword (Chapter 1)


1.    data that is written as numbers or amounts
4.    used to test a hypothesis
6.     a set of chemical reactions within an organism
8.     the study of life
14.   a signal to which an organism responds
16.   scientist who experimented using meat and flies
17.   system of measurement, uses multiples of 10
18.   information gathered through observations
19.   a well-tested explanation that unifies a broad range of observations
20.   where life arises from nonliving matter; ___ generation


2.     measure the amount of space an object takes up; ex: liter
3.     organized way of using evidence to learn about the natural world; scientific ____
5.     a proposed scientific explanation that can be tested
7.     the ability of organisms to change over time
9.     logical interpretation based on prior experience
10.   variable that changes during an experiment
11.   the maintaining of constant internal conditions or balance
12.   scientist who used S-shaped flasks
13.   type of reproduction that only requires one parent
15.   a device that produces a magnified image