Human Genetics

Instructions: As a class, go over each of the following traits and determine how many in the class exhibit the phenotype. Also view the presentation that shows pictures of these traits at Human Genetic Traits via

Trait Description


Class numbers

Ear points (Darwin's Point)

Tongue rolling    
Plays a sport    
Attached earlobe    
Plays an instrument    
Hitchhiker’s Thumb    
Upturned Nose    




Bent little fingers    
Curly hair    
Short big toe    
Eye Color (blue?)*    
Straight Hairline (not widow's peak)    

Chin dimple or cleft


Hand clasping, left over right thumb


Hair on middle joints of fingers


G.P.A. of 4 or above (A students)


Ring finger longer than index finger**


Likes broccoli


Arm folding ­ fold arms across stomach, is left on top?


Popularity (how many consider themselves popular)



Gap between front teeth    
P.T.C Taster ***    

thumbwidows peakshort big toeearlobes