2. What all baby mammals drink
4. Order that includes humans and monkeys
7. Type of marsupial that hops
9. Group of mammals that have an even number of toes
10. Type of mammal that lays an egg
13. The name of a famous cetacean at seaworld
14. A cetacean that filter feeds, ______ whale
16. Famous sheep-herding pig
18. Body covering for mammals
19. Teeth used to shred and tear
20. Winged mammal


1. The name of the main character in "The Lion King"
3. An example of a Sirenian
5. Mammal that nourishes young in a pouch
6. The outer layer of the cerebrum, cerebral _____
7. Main excretory organ
8. Type of monotreme, duckbill _____
11. Horses have an ____ number of toes
12. The circus elephant with big ears
13. An example of a xenarthran
15. Order that includes dogs, foxes, and bears
17. Manatee order

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