Photosynthesis and Respiration Simulation

This simulation from biologysimulation models the interactions of plants and fish in an aquatic environment. User can adjust the number of fish, number of plants, light intensity, temperature, and light color.

There are several downloadable resources at their site for students in Google Doc Format.

By manipulating the variables, students can view the graph showing how dissolved oxygen in the water changes over a 60 minute period.

Students can change variables and quickly see how that affects the whole system.


You can also download printable lessons from the site for this activity!

Other Resources on Photosynthesis

What Factors Affect Seed Germination – grow seedlings with different conditions (light, water, temperature)

Algae Beads and Photosynthesis – use algae cultures and sodium alginate, measure photosynthesis by changes in color of indicator

Photosynthesis and Plant Growth (virtual) – use a virtual app to show how plant growth changes in response to light color and light intensity

Leaf Transpiration – use leaves from trees to analyze how much water is lost when they are exposed to light