Group Evaluation Rubric


Instructions: Consider the unit of instruction or project and evaluate each member of your group, including yourself. Your instructor will have the final say in each member's grade but will take your assessment into consideration.

Point Values:

5 = Frequently
4 = Most of the time
3 = Sometimes
2 = Occassionally
1 = Rarely

  (your name)  



Contributions - contributed in a valuable way to discussions, proposed answers or solutions to the problems presented        
Focus - members on on task, did not cause distractions, kept up with the discussion or the procedure, present and engaged for the entire activity        
Written - member wrote down data, answers to essay questions as the activity progressed and did not wait for someone else to write the answer and just copy it        
Laboratory - member was helpful with lab procedures, gathering materials, reading directions, cleaning up (or not making a mess)        
Preparedness - member was prepared each day, required readings or homework completed        
I would want this person on my team again. NA yes / no yes / no yes / no

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