Class Rules

Mrs. Muskopf
*Revised Fall 2016

Biology, AP Biology, Anatomy & Physiology

1. Be on time - if you are not in your assigned seat when the bell rings, you will be marked TARDY!
                                                                                                          3rd Tardy = Referrel
2. Be prepared - bring notebooks, textbooks, and something to write with everyday.
3. Be courteous - treat others as you would like to be treated.

no cell phone

4. Stay focused and engaged - do not distract others. Disruptions will not be tolerated.
5. Remain in your seat during class unless given permission to move.
6. Follow ALL rules in the Student Handbook.

Technology Policies

Cell phones are not to be visible in class unless permission is given.
Earbuds and headphones will NOT be worn in this classroom or in the lab. EVER.


1. Warning or conference after class.
2. Visible cell phones will be confiscated, referral may occur if there are repeat offences
3. Disruptions will result in removal from class and/or detainment after class. Referrals will occur for repeat offenses.
4. Parents may be contacted to discuss a behavior modification plan.


Asking for passes should not cause a disruption in class. Library and tutoring passes should be requested AFTER class or during quiet classwork times. Bathroom and locker passes should be kep to a minimum (also do not disrupt class to ask for one unless it is an emergency.)



A = 90-100% | B = 80-89% | C = 70-79% | D = 60-69%

You will accumulate points throughout the semester. Your grade is based on your overall percentage of points. There will be no extra credit. Late work will not be accepted more than 1 week from the due date. Late work will have point deductions.

All homework is due at the BEGINNING of class unless otherwise stated.


Incidences of cheating will result in a ZERO on the assignment or project and include (but are not limited to):

1. Having a cell phone out during a test for ANY reason.
2. Talking during a test or quiz or sharing answers.
3. Copying a homework assignment from a classmate
4. Plagiarism: copying written work from sources without proper citation

Academic dishonesty is treated very seriously. An incident of cheating will result in a notation in your student records which may affect your chances of behing accepted into the National Honor Society.


Make-up work from absences should be requested, make arrangements to make up tests before or after school. Tests are posted a week in advance, being absent the day before a test will not excuse you from the test.

*All assignments, notes, and readings can be accessed at your class page at

Final Exam

Final exam is NOT required for Biology 3A/4A, A&P I / II and Biology 1 & 1A
Final exam IS required in Biology 2 & 2A

See Student Handbook for policies on final exam exemptions.



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