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1. What is your name? ___________________________________________

Is this what you prefer to be called? List any nicknames or preferences __________________

2. When is your birthday? _____________________________

3. What are your favorite foods? _______________________________

Name a restaurant where you like to eat: _________________________

4. Name two TV shows (past or present) that you like. _____________________________________________

5. Recommend a movie (it doesn't need to be a new release). _______________________________________

6. Who do you live with? ___________________________________________

Do you have any pets? _____________________________________________

7. When you have spare time, how do you spend it? ______________________________

8. Where is the most interesting place you have ever been? ________________________

9. Do you have a favorite sports team? Who is it? ___________________________________

10. Have you read any books recently? What book did you read? __________________________

11. Do you have a job? Where do you work? ________________________________________________

12. Do you play sports? What do you play? _________________________________________

13. What is your email address? ____________________________________

14. Which social network (facebook, twitter, etc) do you use most frequently? __________________

15. How do you prefer to be contacted?    checkbox Text     checkbox Email     checkbox Social Media


16. Do you have access to a computer and internet at home?    checkbox Yes    checkbox No

17. Do you have a smart phone / data plan?     checkbox Yes    checkbox No

18. When is your half hour study hall? _________ When is your hour study hall? ___________

19. Would you be willing to be a peer tutor?    checkbox Yes    checkbox No

20. Which do you think is your strongest subject area?
                               checkbox Math    checkbox Science    checkbox English    checkbox Social Studies/History    checkbox Art

21. What is your preferred method of study? checkbox Alone / Individual   checkbox With a partner    checkbox In small groups

22. How much time do you spend on school work each night? checkbox None   checkbox 5-25 min    checkbox 30-60 min    checkbox 60+ min

23. What is your goal for this year in school? __________________________________________________

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