Framing Guide for Article Summaries

If you are required to write a summary or reflection paper for an article, journal, or other nonfiction text, this framing guide can help get you started. This is basically a "cheat" sheet to ensure that you've included the basic elements. You may be required to include other information and this guide may not work for all publications and assignments.

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1. The article " ___________________" by " ______________"

squarethe idea of ______
squarethe use of ______
squarethe importance of _____
squarethe reasons for ____
squarethe topic of ____

2. The circle author circle text circle webpage circle organization (find something significant in the article)

circle states " ___________"
circle argues "__________"
circle explains "__________"
circle provides examples, such as "________"

3. This circle passage circle quote circle line (rephrase a quote or significant point)

circle describes ________________
circle emphasizes _____________
circle displays _____________
circle supports ____________
circle rejects ______________

4. The author provides

circle evidence
circle support
circle arguments

5. The text relates to circle me circle unit of study because

circle it furthers the understanding of _________
circle it allows the reader to ________
circle it encourages the reader to ______
circle it advances knowledge on the topic of ______


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Open Source Journal Articles can be printed/downloaded from PLOS ONE