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1.  What is this movie about? Does it seem to have a particular position or theme regarding killer whales?


2. What aspects of Tilikum's early life may have caused him to display abnormal behavior?


3. Was there a change in the way trainers felt about the killer whales? Many used the word "naive" in the interviews, what did they mean or what were they trying to express?


4. What are the reasons suggested for whale on whale aggression?


5. Why does Tilikum still have value to Sea World even though he has been shown to be dangerous?


6.  List 2 facts that were described in the movie that impressed you and  explain how each fact relates to the video’s position on whether Orcas should be held in captivity.

7. Did any of the reasoning given in support of the position advocated by the video seem to be weak or misleading? If so, describe the concept put forward in the film and why you thought the reasoning was flawed.


8. Do you believe Tilikum’s offspring will cause further problems for SeaWorld and it’s trainers down the road?  Why or why not?


9.   How has this film changed your opinion of using animals for entertainment?   What do you think should be done moving forward to protect whales and their trainers?


10.  How do you think the message of this film can apply to other animals in the entertainment industry, such as elephants in the circus?