Frogs: The Thin Green Line (View full episode at , film premiered 2009, 50 minutes)

frog1. What type of frog has translucent skin? What does translucent mean?


2. What did humans do that may have contributed to the decline in the mountain yellow legged frog population?


3. Chytridiomycosis is an infectious disease of amphibians, what part of the frog does this fungus attack?


4. If a frog has bright colors, what does it mean?


5. What do tadpoles feed on?


6. What are the frogs in the conservation center fed?


7. In the United States, students on a field trip discovered what was wrong with the frogs?


8. What effect do fertilizers have on rivers?


9. Bullfrogs and African Clawed Frogs are called invasive. In the context of this program, what does invasive mean?


10. What caused the Australian burrowing frogs to need to be rescued?


11. What threatens the Gopher frog in the United States?


12. What drastic measures were taken in Yosemite to save the Mountain frog?


13. What measures were taken to save the Corroboree frog?


Final Analysis

14. This program depicted many species of frogs in many geographic locations and threats that face those frogs. Summarize those threats and measures being taken to solve the problems. Suggest reasons why humans should be concerned about decining frog populations. Treat this as a 1-3 paragraph essay, pay attention to grammar and syntax and use the program to support claims you make.