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Mythbusters - Knock Your Socks Off Print Friendly and PDF

Season 7, Episode 12 (2009)

1. What myth is being tested?
a. bullets will move faster under water
b. a bullet fired from a gun will land at the same time as a dropped bullet
c. the weight of a bullet will affect how far it travels

2. Before using a gun, Jamie and Adam tested their hypothesis using:
a. marbles b. sand c. lightbulbs

3. What did the first test reveal?
a. objects fall at the same rate b. objects fall at different rates

4. Meanwhile, Carrie and her team are testing what myth?
a. whether an explosion can knock your socks off
b. whether you can survive an explosion
c. explosions can make a person lose their hearing

5. What was the purposes of the mattresses hanging on the ceiling?
a. to drop on the crash test dummy
b. to prevent the dummy from hitting the ceiling
c. to provide cover for Carrie and her team

6. When testing bullets outside, why did Jamie need a leveling device?
a. to prevent the gun from falling when it was fired
b. to line the bullet up with the target
c. to prevent the bullet from being fired at an angle

7. View the image below, if a bullet is fired at the same time, which bullet will land first? a. Bullet A b. Bullet B

8. What was a problem with conducting the experiment outside?
a. people complained b. wind c. finding the bullets

9. Why was it necessary for Carrie to label the feet?
a. so they could find them after the explosion
b. so they would know which feet had the most socks
c. because they would only be watching the experiment from a distance

10. In your own words, describe the outcome of the bullet experiment. Was the myth confirmed or busted?