Practice with Taxonomy and Classification

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1. There are six kingdoms, give an example for each kingdom

  Animalia Plantae Fungi Eubacteria Archaea Protists

2. Into what kingdom would each of the following be classified:

a) unicellular prokaryotes that live in dust ________________________________
b) unicellular eukaryotes that live in pond water _____________________________
c) multicellular eukaryotes that live all over the planet and consume food ___________________________
d) unicellular prokaryotes that live in volcanic ash and other inhospitable environments _____________________
e) multicullular eukaryotes that have cell walls and are heterotrophic ______________________________
f) multicullular eukaryotes that have cell walls and are autotrophic ______________________________

Scientific Name...Common Name

Panthera onca ...Jaguar
Panthera pardus..Leopard
Felis lybica.....African Wild Cat
Panthera leo ....Lion
Felis catus .....House cat
Canis lupus......Wolf
Panthera tigris..Tiger

3. Organisms that below to the same class, must belong to the same : (check)

           ____ Order _____Phylum ____Kingdom ___ Family

4. Fill in the blanks:

Kingdom --> ______________ --> Class --> _______________
--> _________________ --> Genus --> _______________

5. In each pair, circle the one that you would expect to find the most individual species:

Kingdom & Genus
Phylum & Kingdom
Class & Family
Order & Phylum
Genus & Order
Phylum & Class
Order & Class
Genus & Species

6. Based on the chart, which two animals are most closely related to the tiger:_________________________________

7. Would you expect an animal with the name Rania onca to look similar to a mountain lion? ____

     Why or why not? _______________________________________________

8. Which animal is most closely related to the house cat? __________


download pdf google doc

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