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Chapter 7: Skeletal System

Skeletal System: Unit Objectives

Notes: Skeletal System | Lecture Slides

Coloring: Matrix Coloring | Bone Anatomy | Aging of the Hand | Bones of the Foot | Bones of the Hand

Label the Skeleton | Label the Skull | Label the Carpals and Tarsals

Investigation: Can you Estimate a Person's Height from Their Bones?

Investigation: The Mystery of the Bones (2 day Project) (optional)

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Study Guide - Skeletal System

Practice Quizzes:

Skeleton Lab with Lab Practical

*Examine a disarticulated skeleton (male and female), identify each bone and specific structures on each bone and conclude the unit with a Lab Practical Test

Lab Guide - lists all the bone structures for students to identify on bones

Virtual Versions: Skull | Vertebrae | Scapula | Arm | Pelvis | Leg


Bones Printables - make your own flashcards for studying

Lab Practical (Practice) | Printout Blank Sheets

Bones Album - labeled bones from the lab

Practice Quizzes:

Skull | Skull_2 | Skull 3 |

Femur | Femur 2 | Lower Leg | Pelvis | Pelvis 2

Lower Arm |Radius/Ulna | Humerus

Vertebrae | Foot |


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